Investment Criteria

Connexus works with small and undervalued businesses that are in need of growth capital and have the following profile: 

  • Startup to $20 million in revenue 
  • EBITDA up to $5M
  • Growing and emerging markets
  • Underutilized or depressed assets

Asset and Enterprise Valuation – Connexus Equity Management Partners, LLC has developed a unique approach based on financial analysis models and in-depth due diligence that allows us to provide our stakeholders with an efficient asset or enterprise valuation.

Investment Banking and M&A Advisory – Connexus Equity Management Partners, LLC can quickly asses risk and make recommendations on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalizations, and corporate restructures.  Our unique approach allows us to identify potential issues and areas of synergy on M&A related transactions.

Private Equity Investment – Connexus Equity Management Partners, LLC helps businesses seeking additional capital to expand their manufacturing capacity, accelerate organic growth, make strategic acquisitions or launch new products and services into the marketplace.

Executive Management and Consulting – Our team consists of industry leaders with broad and deep expertise in critical areas of business including operations, accounting, corporate finance, strategy, sales & marketing, manufacturing, and supply chain.  We partner with existing management teams to help build stronger businesses and create significant value for all stakeholders.